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Working With Business

We work under the assumption that if you are in business, you must be doing something right. This holds true even for those processes with which you struggle. As you begin to peel off and discard the wasteful practices, the more productive and powerful practices come into plain view—much like a camera coming into focus. You will not only discover what is right with what you currently do, but will also learn how to make your current processes even better.

Behind successful work simplification is a creativity and optimism that things can be made better. Much like innovation, exactly how you solve a particular problem may not be readily apparent, but trust in the process and a willingness to experiment is what brings process excellence to fruition.

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“If we had not met Carlos from OfficeRocket, we probably would not be in business today.”

— Jimmy Frech, Entrepreneur at Mental Case

Working with Government

Government culture is different from business culture, with good reason. First, government is mission driven, not profit driven. While this is obvious, the implications may not be. When an organization is profit driven, they can make financial decisions and take financial risks that would be inappropriate—even illegal—in government. Another difference is that government exists for public good vs. shareholder value. It exists for the benefit of society and is chartered with fulfilling a mission. This key difference drives a different decision-making logic.

With years of experience working with government, OfficeRocket understands the complexity of driving productive innovation in public institutions. A well-intentioned force-fit of business approaches to government processes is often problematic. It’s not that Lean doesn’t work in government—it does. The problem lies in not respecting the differences between government and business, and adjusting accordingly.

When you work with us, we lead with respect. The fact is, you are getting things done. The problem is that the good work you do is buried under non-value-added work. The good thing is that you can do something about all that non-value-added work. We can show you how.

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“Carlos delivers Lean concepts so well that people want to be a part of the project and they embrace serious change with enthusiasm.”

— A government client

Our client list includes:

  • City of Seattle
  • Sound Transit
  • Kitsap County
  • Yamaha
  • Mental Case
  • Tidland
  • U.S. EPA
  • Clark County
  • Clark College
  • State of Texas
  • City of Renton
  • Music Paradigm
  • King County, WA
  • City of Bremerton
  • Washington State
  • City of Bellingham
  • Snohomish County
  • iStores
  • City of Chestermere

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