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You expect results. That’s why we focus on user experience and practical application. We keep it simple and provide opportunities to build productive habits.

Our training is delivered on a state-of-the-art virtual platform for mobile, tablet, and desktop. You can access the content 24/7.

We use advanced training methods informed by human learning research and neuroscience.

Training, workshops, facilitation, coaching & speaking: these are the ways you can engage Carlos Venegas to work with your team. Find out which might be the best fit for your business or organization. Get in touch.

What Training Participants Say

“Carlos is engaging and loves this stuff.”

“I liked that the training was straightforward and concise.”

“I would recommend this training not only for work but for life, too.”

“This is one of my favorite trainings that I’ve taken over the last 15 years.”

“This training was amazing, and I can’t wait to put it into practice.”

“I appreciated the plain English and the lack of jargon.”

Who Does Best with SimplifyWork
Training and Services

Leaders and managers who are:

  • Hands-on and self-directed
  • Naturally curious and enjoy learning
  • Inspired by a personal mission to make things better
  • Focused on developing their people

Online Training

Individual and team training is available in self-paced and with live facilitation and coaching.
Available in 2021.

What You Get

More capacity, more time: you will discover how to liberate capacity—and time—that has been hiding in plain sight. You can use that new-found capacity in any way you like.

More control: you won’t feel at the mercy of “the way things have always been done.” You will have concrete ways to overcome process problems and improve productivity.

More engagement: most find their employees become more engaged in their work and the mission of the organization.

Respect for your time: we make our training and workshops simple and to-the-point. No time wasters. You learn only what you need to get the job done.

Responsiveness: Because we believe in our clients and their ability to be self-directed, we provide everything you need to grasp and apply new knowledge and skills. If you have questions, we are here to help. We are invested in your success.

Lean Expertise: What you learn is informed by Carlos’s decades of Lean experience in applying Lean principles to live and virtual office environments. He learned early on that Lean manufacturing principles are applicable to office environments, and that translation into the language of the office is essential.

Learning Expertise: Carlos’s experience teaching Lean means you learn as effectively and quickly as possible. You learn what you need when you need it, nothing extra. Presented in simplified English, you won’t be forced to learn technical jargon.

Generosity of Spirit: Carlos knows what it’s like to grapple with resistance in the face of change. He’s been on both sides of it. He offers ways to deal with resistance based on understanding it as a natural, healthy human response to the unfamiliar or uncomfortable. He guides leaders and managers to stand for what you believe and for your personal commitment to taking action.

In-person Training and Workshops

We provide in-person or blended online/in-person training and workshops when conditions permit.

Our Training Strategy

In our experience, people find their own motivation and enthusiasm when they experience what process improvement can do for them. When they experience first-hand how process improvement can make their work lives better, they become excited about practicing continuous improvement.

Keeping it simple means asking the question: what handful of tools will get 80% of the results? That’s why we begin with the Simplify Work training. Simplify Work has leaders and teams practicing continuous improvement and getting results within one day.

When training is over-complicated, it gets in the way of motivating change. When we design training, we ask the question, “what few ideas will yield the most benefit?” By asking this question, we have found that most process improvements can be gained by using just a small handful of tools and concepts. There is no need to bury people with tools and jargon; that stuff just gets in the way of getting things done. Our training focuses on building practical knowledge that can be used right away. Teams get results immediately.