25+ years on a mission to SimplifyWork

About Carlos Venegas

Carlos Venegas has spent the last 25 years delivering on his mission to simplify work:

  • for organizations to improve their user experience, efficiency, and quality
  • for people to alleviate stress and struggle, and make work more satisfying and productive

What People Say about Carlos Venegas

“If we had not met Carlos from OfficeRocket, we probably would not be in business today.”

— Jimmy Frech, Entrepreneur at Mental Case

“Carlos delivers Lean concepts so well that people want to be a part of the project
and they embrace serious change with enthusiasm.”

— A government client

“If we had not done the process improvement work with Carlos, we would not have survived the recession.”

— CEO of an entertainment company

“I know you will enjoy working with Carlos—and FYI, he has a great sense of humor and a super creative mind.”

— A government client

Our Experience

Carlos Venegas has extensive business and government experience in:

  • Training Lean: how to keep it simple and motivate your people
  • Launching Lean work simplification programs
  • Simplifying knowledge and service work
  • Integrating Lean kaizen with software and technology solutions
  • Managing resistance

About Carlos Venegas

Carlos Venegas is the author of Flow in the Office: Implementing and Sustaining Lean Improvements; Rapid Office Kaizen; Rapid Office Kaizen for Law Enforcement; and “Quality Equals Trust: Exploring the human experience of quality.”

Carlos holds a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science. He is also Lean certified.

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