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Reduce struggle. Increase capacity. Improve efficiency.
And most of all, help your employees find satisfaction
in work and at work.

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“If we had not met Carlos from OfficeRocket, we probably would not be in business today.”

— Jimmy Frech, Entrepreneur at Mental Case

“Carlos delivers Lean concepts so well that people want to be a part of the project
and they embrace serious change with enthusiasm.”

— A government client

“If we had not done the process improvement work with Carlos, we would not have survived the recession.”

— CEO of an entertainment company

“I know you will enjoy working with Carlos—and FYI, he has a great sense of humor and a super creative mind.”

— A government client

I’m Carlos Venegas. I use modern behavioral science to help you and your team embrace change, move forward, and do your best work. We keep it simple so you can earn, adjust and run with it together – with less resistance, more enthusiasm and better results. Let’s get to it!

Who Simplify Work Is For:

  • You are the manager who wants to get it done.
  • You don’t have time for useless bureaucracy or jargon.
  • You don’t have patience to wait for permission from
  • You think complicated schemes & cultural overhauls
    are too slow.
  • You are a self-directed leader who wants to learn,
    experiment & run with it.
  • You want your employees to engage their best talents,
    their best work, their best selves.

How We Work Together

The SimplifyWork Program is how we work together. It doesn’t depend on the complicated, time-consuming tools of outdated Lean consulting models. SimplifyWork is motivated by fundamental human behavior. You are set up from the start for success, because people – both managers and staff – are motivated by a positive experience of making work better.

Conventional Lean Launches Are Flawed

Many people think launching a program like Lean means conducting week-long Lean workshops or implementing a 5-S workplace organization scheme. Sometimes it means creating an overly complicated dashboard or roadmap.

This is a problem.

In an office environment, these are all well-intentioned but misguided launch activities. Misguided because they add to the problems they are intended to resolve:

  • Adds more work. Most likely you’re already at capacity. Holding workshops, with all the preparation and follow-up activities, adds to the workload.
  • Adds operational overhead. Implementing Lean this way adds one more requirement, adding to the burdens of both managers and staff.
  • It’s complicated. Traditional Lean implementation uses lots of tools and methods, many that require learning foreign terms.
  • It’s met with resistance. Many managers and staff believe that Lean is just a fad—another flavor of the month. If they resist enough, they will be right.
  • It’s hard to maintain the gains. Lean often fails in the long run—about 70% of the time.

There Is a Better Way

The two most important rules for launching a successful program?

Motivate your people. Keep it simple.

There Is a Better Way

The two most important rules for launching a successful program?

Motivate your people. Keep it simple.

How To Improve Your Programs

So, how do you implement Lean—or any improvement program—while following those two rules? Successful Lean implementations start with the launch. Successful organizations get the launch right. If you don’t get the launch right, Lean loses steam. That’s why Lean fails about 70% of the time.

Results Build Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm Builds Results.




That’s why this training program is designed to get results fast. You don’t need to sequester your people for five days in a Lean workshop. You can have your entire organization practice Lean and get results in just six or seven hours. You can even free up capacity in your entire organization without using even one Lean tool.

Our training programs are simple and immediately effective. They are carefully designed to get results faster and easier. That taps into your people’s enthusiasm and feeds their motivation. Motivation and Simplicity – That’s the Key.

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