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SimplifyWork: Leadership Development with Measurable Results

SimplifyWork is a 12-week leadership development program that uses team-focused learning to address real world problems: leading process improvements and increasing engagement. 

This is a practical, learn-by-doing program.

Managers learn in a supportive, small-cohort setting.

Then they share and practice the concepts with their teams on a real process they want to improve. 

By sharing what they learn with their teams, managers strengthen their working relationship with the team.

That can set the foundation for inspiring engagement, inclusion, and trust.

Managers bring their results and challenges back to the cohort so they can learn from and support each other. 

The cohort sessions are online live and guided by a qualified trainer.

Between cohort sessions, managers use an online training platform to access training material, including videos and downloadable tools.

By the end of the training the teams have a new process to implement.

Immediate success reinforces their confidence in SimplifyWork and their ability to improve other processes, maintaining momentum in their improvement efforts.

Training Design

  • Small, supportive manager cohorts
  • Interactive learning
  • Blended delivery
  • Real-world problem-solving
  • Measurable results

Leadership Skills

  • Inspire engagement, inclusion, and trust
  • Strengthen working relationships
  • Recognize impact on others
  • Lead problem-solving with confidence

Managers also learn how to gauge the impact of change on others, and what to do about it.

With the simple, logical structure, SimplifyWork is designed for managers who don’t have time for useless bureaucracy and needless jargon.

They will learn a way to improve almost any work process, from shipping and receiving to HR to Engineering, whether creative or routine.

Here are some comments from managers who have attended the SimplifyWork leadership development program:

  •   “I liked the smaller group setting – it felt like a safe space to share and learn from each other across the Utility.”
  •   “The online training platform was easily accessible and easy to understand the progression of steps.“
  •   “Encourages us to finish, when other trainings did not.”
  •   “I really enjoyed the cohort final…definitely a great chance to learn from others’ successes and failures.”
  •   “We are going to move forward regardless of whether this training is officially adopted [by our organization].”
  • “We liked that it wasn’t super technical or full of lots of jargon…this was more approachable for all the different learning styles we had in our group.”

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